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Hello Micro Permanent Makeup Studio located in Upstate South Carolina.

Meet the Artist

Hello! I'm Amanda Kinnamon, Certified Permanent Makeup Artist & Owner of Hello Micro. I'm living out my dream and helping clients achieve confidence through permanent makeup. I believe that when we look good, we feel good. I also think that simple, low-maintenance beauty routines are the goal of most. My focus is creating natural-looking styles that stand the test of time. Permanent makeup became a passion of mine many years ago when I was insecure about my own brows (or rather, lack thereof). I was seeking out a practical solution. My solution was permanent makeup. Not only does permanent makeup give you beautiful, lasting results, but it helps you to achieve that low-maintenance lifestyle that most of us are after. I'm so happy that you've taken this first step and I'm thankful that you've included me in your permanent makeup journey! 

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